Women have a lot more in them than you can ever think of. Already men were incapable of understanding women, and now that we tell you about their eccentric capabilities, you might be surely blank about women.

You can think of women as species equipped with great powers. Their bodies are capable of doing a lot more unique and odd stunts. These actions might not be the attribute of normal human beings, but SUPERwomen possess them.

Let’s know what these eccentric capabilities actually are.

#1 The flexibility of women

flexibility eccentric capabilities

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The muscles in the body of a woman comprised of elastic more than collagen. This makes them naturally more flexible.

#2 The longevity of women’s life

life eccentric capabilities

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The immune system of women is far more amazing than those of men. They can cope easily with external as well as internal threats and also the ageing of their cells is comparatively slow.

#3 The relation of male sweat with women

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You might not be acquainted with this fact, but it’s so true. The sweat of a male’s body has a positive effect on woman’s body. This is because of the pheromones that stabilize the menstrual cycle and help women cope with anxiety.

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#4 The ‘Einstein’ memory

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It’s a common relationship problem where women drag the past in between. This should be blamed on their bank like memory. Their brain uses both the hemispheres to efficiently store information.

#5 They have something for men who smell good

smell eccentric capabilities

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Nobody knows the logic behind this, but it might have something to do with their hormones. Weird, right?

#6 Orgasm has relation with the age

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Women over the age of 40 quickly achieve orgasm when compared to women under 40.

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#7 The function of clitoris

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The clitoris has no other value except for rendering pleasure to the female body.

#8 The listening ability

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Where men listen only from the left side of their brain, women focus on listening from both the sides.

#9 The birth giving capacity

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A woman is ideally capable of giving birth to over 40 children in a lifetime.

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#10 Breastfeeding provides them the power

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Breastfeeding gives them some superpowers. They feel less stressed, happier, and find almost everything pleasure giving.

Aren’t these eccentric capabilities strange and cool at the same time?


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