The modelling industry has seen a vast expansion in the past decade. With the increment in the competition, it is a matter of prestige to make up to the Victoria Secret Runway. After struggling through the entire selection procedure, getting the status of “Victoria’s Secret Angel” is a matter of immense pride.

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show is the most ostentatious event in the glamour industry. The best models make up to this show and get to walk for the renowned brand with world-class lingerie and not to forget, the wings.

Gigi Hadid and Kendell Jenner recently claimed their wings in the 2016 fashion show.

The hard work that these models put in is unimaginable, but so is the amount that they are paid for the same.

Here are the 9 richest models from Victoria Secret banner:

#1 Adriana Lima


Lima Victoria's Secret

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Having her roots in Brazil, Adriana is the longest serving Victoria’s Secret Angel. She made her debut as an angel in the year 1999 and has always seen fame since then. Adriana is paid a huge amount for her service.

Pay: $10.5 Million (INR 66,85,88,550)

 #2  Kendel Jenner

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According to the Forbes’ 2016 rankings, Kendell Jenner is the third highest paid model in the world and the second highest paid model for VS. Designated as the brand ambassador of Estee Lauder, she made her first appearance on the VS runway in the year 2015.

Pay: $ 10 Million  (INR 63,67,51,000)

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 #3 Gigi Hadid

Gigi Victoria's Secret

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21-year-old Gigi made her appearance on the VS ramp in the year 2015. After making her appearance on the most prestigious of the ramps, her followers list on Instagram saw a considerable hike. Recently, she was chosen as the runner up Model of the Year (2016) by readers.

Pay: $ 9 Million (INR 57,30,75,900)

 #4 Liu Wen

Liu Victoria's Secret

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Born in China, Liu Wen is the first Asian model to make up to the Angels runway in the year 2009. With a net worth of $ 35 Million, 28-year-old Liu is one of the only three non-white models, all of whom walked the ramp in the 2016 VS show.

Pay: $ 7 Million (INR 44,57,25,700)

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 #5 Alessandra Ambrosio

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Alessandra walked for VS for the first time in the year 2004 and now is one of the veterans for the brand. She was also listed in the People’s Magazine, among the “100 Most Beautiful People in the World” in the year 2007.

Pay: $ 5 Million (INR 31,83,75,500)

 #6 Joan Smalls

Image Source

Joan was the first Latin woman to be signed for the worldwide campaign of the brand Estee Lauder and is a spokesmodel for the same. She made her debut on the VS ramp in 2011 and has walked five runways since then.

Pay: $ 4.5 Million (INR 28,65,37,950)

 #7 Lily Aldridge

Lily Victoria's Secret

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LA-rooted Lily Aldridge walked the ramp for Victoria’s Secret in 2009 and became an angel the following year. She wore the Fireworks Fantasy Bra which was a whooping price of $ 2 Million.

Pay: $ 4 Million (INR 25,47,00,400)

 #8 Jasmine Tookes

Tookes Victoria's Secret

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She is one of the three non-white models to attain such position in VS. Tookes made her debut on the ramp for VS in 2012 and earned her wings in the year 2015. Jasmine is the fourth black model to wear the fantasy bra that was worth $ 3 Million in the year 2016.

Pay: $ 4 Million (INR 25,47,00,400)

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 #9 Taylor Hill

Image Source

Following her debut on the VS ramp in 2014, Taylor gained her wings in 2015 and is the youngest angel for Victoria’s Secret.

Pay: $ 4 Million (INR 25,47,00,400)


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