India has been the land of black magic and the supernatural ever since the beginning. These attributes have rendered India with a status of a nation that encapsulates various mysteries. The astonishing part is that these unresolved mysteries have remained so after years of scientific researchers and experiments.

In spite of the leaps and bounds of technological advancements, everything failed to justify these mysteries.

Let’s see the unresolved mysteries of our own land.

#1 The Twin Village

twin village unresolved mysteries

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You might be guessing how the Kodinhi village of Kerala got the name ‘Twin Village’? Well, this is because 200 pairs of twins live there amongst the total population of 2000 people. Scientists have yet not found a reason for such high level of twinning in the village.

#2 Jodhpur Boom

jodhpur unresolved mysteries

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A loud boom came out of the sky on the 18th of December, 2012 over the city of Jodhpur. This mysterious boom was said to be heard in other parts of the world as well. Scientists asserted that nothing like this was heard ever before and failed to explain the secretive phenomenon.

#3 Taj Mahal

taj mahal unresolved mysteries

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Taj Mahal has always been surrounded with certain speculations. We have always that it was made by Shah Jahan in the memory of his loving wife, Mumtaz. However, Prof. P.N. Oak claims that this lovely monument was once a famous Shiva temple named Tejo Mahalya. This was later captured by Mughals and converted into Taj Mahal.

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#4 Kuldhara

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The Kuldhara village of Rajasthan doesn’t possess even a single inhabitant. This is because of a curse that led to the destruction of the entire existence overnight and the mystery remains unsolved.

#5 Shanti Devi

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Nobody had the slightest of the clue so as to how Shanti Devi remembers precise details from her past life. She began to talk about her past life from the age of 4, providing every minute detail. Shreds of evidence were found for the given details on extensive research.

#6 Prahlad Jani

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Prahlad is popularly known as Mataji and has claimed to have survived without food and water since 1940. Experiments were conducted with him where he was locked up in a room without any substance, but the miracle remains unexplainable.

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#7 The Hanging Pillar

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The Lepakshi Temple in Anantpura is supported by various strong pillars. But, there is one particular pillar that’s hanging and doesn’t touch the ground. A thin sheet of paper of a thin stick can pass through the space to prove that it’s hanging.

#8 Jatinga village of bird suicide

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This small village of Assam is known for the high rate of bird suicide that occurs here every year. The tendency increases in the monsoon season when the birds fly together towards the village and hurt themselves, eventually dying.

#9 Bullet Baba

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This bullet can be called the memorial of Om Banna. Om Banna suffered an accident while riding this bike. What followed after his death was something unbelievable. The car was time and again towed to the police station, but it would always arrive at the accident location.

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#10 The death of Shubhas Chandra Bose

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The official statement of Netaji’s death claims that he was turned into ashes during a plane crash in 1945. The second version of the story states that he was killed by Stalin. The third school of thought proclaims that he went underground for all those years, eventually dying a natural death in 1985.


Aren’t these mysteries another level of interesting? Do you find any probable reason for these unresolved mysteries?



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