Encountering dreams is pretty normal for all of us. Then what interesting does it have to unfold in front of us? Well, there are a lot of things about dreams that we aren’t well acquainted with. These facts are responsible for the way we dream and what we remember after waking up.

So, Let’s check out some fun facts about dreams Which We Bet You Didn’t Know

#1 We dream every night

dreams every night

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Most of the people above the age of 10 tend to dream every night. This is regardless of the fact that we actually might not remember the fact that we dreamt.

#2 The forgotten dreams

forgotten dreams

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Most of us tend to forget half of the dream within 5 minutes of waking up. And 90% of the dream is drained out with 10 minutes. Strange, isn’t?

#3 The number of dreams

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If reports are to be believed, then a person encounters 4-6 dreams per night and about 1,460 dreams yearly.

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#4 The proportion of time we spend dreaming

1460 dreams

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With 1,460 dreams by our side and about 45-50 minutes scheduled for dreaming every night, 3 years of an average human’s life is spent in dreaming.

#5 Erection in men

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Men get accustomed to nearly 4-5 erections during the nighttime, while they are dreaming. This is a sign that their body is functioning normally.

#6 Women synonymous to nightmares

scary dreams

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Women are more prone to strange and nightmarish dream. This trait is particularly evident during the premenstrual period.

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#7 The ‘Nightmare Disorder’

nightmare dreams

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An average person has a high probability of being diagnosed with nightmare disorder. Such orders pertain to waking up during deep sleep and precisely recalling a bad dream. This symptom can cause trouble in real life situations as well.

#8 Night terror

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Night terror pertains to a state of screaming during the night with an increased rate of heartbeat, while a person is sleeping. This scary state affects 3-6% children.

#9 Black and White dream

black and white dreams

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About 12% people dream in black and white color. This is noted more among the people above the age of 55 than among the people below the age of 25.

#10 No screaming during nightmares

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Since the voluntary muscles are essentially paralyzed during dreams, you cannot scream for help during nightmares. You may wake up screaming, but you can’t scream during the nightmare.

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#11 Acting out the dream

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Some people tend to act out what they actually dream. This can lead to injuries and a disorder termed as the REM Sleep Disorder.

#12 Recurring dreams

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Researchers have found proofs for unresolved conflicts related to recurring dreams. If you dream about something time and again, it is linked with previously unsolved conflicts.

Did you ever think about dreams being so deep and meaningful?

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