Boobs have been one of the most attractive things for both men and women. And how can even anyone resist the most wonderful creation in a women’s body? In spite of breasts being an important topic of discussion, what do we really know about boobs? Not much, right? We bring to you some amazing facts relating to the attractive beings.

#1 Why does the nipple stimulate?

boobs stimulation

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A research study conducted in 2012 proves that when a man stimulates her woman’s nipples, it shows that she is more connected to her partner. This connection can be termed as both physical and emotional.

#2 Orgasms from nipple stimulation

boobs orgasms

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Another research study says that 29% of women achieve orgasms by stimulation alone. This is due to the fact that genital and boobs stimulation are processed in the same manner by the brain.

#3 Why do men have nipples and man boobs?

man boobs

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Have you ever wondered the reason? Well, it is because all the fetuses are female at the initial stage.

#4 The largest and the smallest bra size

boobs size

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The largest boob size is ‘L’, which was made available in the year 2011. And the smallest size is an ‘AAA’.

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#5 The ancient Romans

roman women boobs

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In the ancient time, the Roman woman wore bandages to keep their breasts in place. They did this at the time of workout because the bra wasn’t invented then.

#6 Pros of breastfeeding

feeding from boobs

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Breastfeeding renders women with multiple benefits, like-

  • For losing weight after pregnancy
  • For dodging postpartum depression
  • Avoiding risk of heart disease and cancer

#7 Shift in attitude after breastfeeding

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Women tend to become more attentive towards the cry of their baby once they start breastfeeding.

#8 What about the bras?

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In a single day, about 4 million new bras are produced. Isn’t it shocking?

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#9 The ‘Big Boobs’ Obsession

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A research held in the year 2013 hinted that men who long for big boobs are financially insecure. In addition, when hungry, men want large boobs to feed on.

#10 The change in breast shape

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If you sleep with you face sagged down in the pillow, then this is a warning. The shape of breasts can change in a few years. The best position for your breasts is to sleep on your side.

#11 Nine different types of boobs

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Boobs have quite a number of variables, like round, east-west, side set, etc.

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Isn’t too much information about boobs?

Well, breasts have a lot to speak!


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