Small gestures make a big difference. This holds true in every sphere. This theory especially finds its implication in the world of relationships. And then who doesn’t acknowledge the efforts made to please them. In the list of the seductive things that people do to please their partners, there is a major section of things that girls can do in bed to keep their guys blissful. Now, these gestures can be really minute, but they make a whole lot of difference.

So girls, let’s get set to know the seductive things that can be done to please the guys in bed.

#1 Dress up using his wardrobe essentials

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A guy would literally adore his baby girl dressed in an oversized shirt waiting for him on the bed. And when that shirt smells of your scent when you leave, what can be better for your guy.

#2 Cuddle him without wearing a bra

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It would be a definite treat for your boy if he feels your skin rubbing against his as soon as he gets on the bed.

#3 Whisper in his ear

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Every guy is absolutely up for this part of making out. Whisper something in his ear and see his instantly turned on reaction.

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#4 Compliment to the best of your abilities

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Being in the bed with your man is the perfect time to throw some amazing compliments at him. Tell him how charming the sight of his body is.

#5 Dirty conversations

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Dirty conversations are the fundamentals for any man. So if you’re in a mood to intrigue him towards yourself, get him into that hanky-panky mode.

#6 Smell the best

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A quick shower can set your guy’s perfect mood. Your natural scent after a quick shower can drive him nuts. Do try a body mist that smells floral.

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#7 Dress up for him

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Dressing sexily for your man is no big effort. Women anyway like looking ravishing. So, make some extra picks while you shop to tempt your darling in the bed.

#8 Initiate the lovemaking

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Guys absolutely adore when women make the first move. You can start by brushing your hands in his hair or by delivering a passionate kiss.

#9 No clothes at all

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If your man gets to snuggle while you’re nude, can he be any happier? Doesn’t need much description, right?

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#10 Movies of his choice

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If you make some efforts to collect the movies of his choice to watch on the bed, he will definitely be pleased. And why shouldn’t he be, after all, you’re making an effort?

These seductive things are worthy enough for your lovely beau, isn’t it girls?


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