The tales of Ramayana, where Rama and Lakshmana are a folklore heard in every household. There is no denial of the fact that Lakshmana is an ideal for the perfect brother. His sacrifices for his brother Rama and his eternal love and devotion to him is well known.

Irrespective of Lakshmana’s innumerable sacrifices, In Ramayana why would have Rama sentenced him to death?

After the exile

Rama back to Ayodhya

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We all the story of Ramayana but what we don’t know is It all began immediately after Rama, Lakshmana and Sita returned from an exile of 14 long years.

The Arrival of Yama

yama and rama

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One fine day, Yama came to Rama’s abode to have a serious conversation with him. He demanded absolute confidentiality of the matter and asked for no disturbance during the talk. Rama gave him an assurance that he would give a death sentence to anybody who tries to invade the privacy.

Lakshmana, the protector of privacy

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Lakshmana was appointed as the gatekeeper to guard the privacy.

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The Arrival of Sage Durvasa

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Then Sage Durvasa marked his entry. He told Lakshmana that he wanted to meet Rama immediately, to which Lakshmana replied in the negative.

The Curse to Ayodhya

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Upon hearing this, Sage Durvasa became furious and said that he would inflict a curse upon Ayodhya if he isn’t allowed to enter.

Lakshmana decided to sacrifice himself

Lakshmana and Rama

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Lakshmana was adamant to protect Ayodhya and therefore took the risk of interrupting the conversation. Rama ended his meeting with Yama and met the Sage.

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The Promise was kept

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Rama recalled the promise that he gave to Yama of sentencing the person who interrupts in between the secrecy to death. Lakshmana abided by his brother’s promise and sacrificed his life on the bank of river Sarayu.

The Other Story


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There is another version of the same incident. Yama suggested that Rama may abandon Lakshmana. But, Lakshmana regarded his brother as his breath and believed that he can’t live without him.

And the Sacrifice was made

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And with due respect for his brother and for the love of Ayodhya, Lakshmana sacrificed his life.

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