Love is a beautiful feeling, which motivates you to grow and enhance. It feels exceptionally special to be important for someone, to be loved, to be cared for. Amidst such love, the distance can be really painful, especially if you’re in a long distance relationship. Long distance relationships may seem the toughest thing to undertake, but unconditional love makes it a lot easier. “Distance means so little when someone means so much”. This statement pretty much gives the essence of distance in romantic relationships. When there is love, every distance is worth it.

Some movies have encapsulated the same thought of love being the fundamental of every relationship, and how distance cannot rip the lovers apart. These movies will make you realize that distance in a relationship doesn’t mean that the relationship isn’t worth carrying forward.

Let’s see how these movies have portrayed love as the primary need to carry out a relationship and denied that distance means the end.

#1 Going the Distance

going the distance long distance relationships

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As the title clearly states, this movie is about two people who belong to different parts of the country. They fall in love in the sweetest possible manner and try to make it work. The movie draws close inspiration from the real life situations.

#2 The Five Year Engagement

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The story is portrayed by extraordinarily amazing actors, who have a brilliant ability to make people laugh. They have not only shown the shade of long distance relationships but put in the best efforts to give the audience a proper dose of laughter. The story revolves around a couple who get engaged but aren’t able to fetch time for getting hitched due to various commitments.

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#3 One Day

one day long distance relationships

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Like the aforementioned movies, this isn’t all laughs. You will seriously get sad in various parts of this movie. The story is about two friends who spend a night together, leading to the series of events in their life, most of which they spend away from each other.

#4 Like Crazy

like crazy long distance relationships

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The display of young love and separation is closest to reality in this movie. It talks about the hardships of falling for someone who lives in a different country. The romance between the actors is out of the world.

#5 2 States

2 states long distance relationships

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As the name suggests, the movie is about lovers from different states. It deals with all the problems that people in love have to currently go through, from family disapproval to career tension, and obviously the pain of a long distance relationship.

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#6 London Paris New York

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The film deals with a duo who meets across time in three different cities. The conflict takes a different turn on each meeting. It is a real time display of how physical distance shapes their relationship.

#7 Break Ke Bad

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The movie is precisely about a break more than about long distance relationship. But, the break taken by the lovers gets some physical distance into action.

#8 Hum Tum

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Probably the best virtual display of reality, the movie isn’t applicable to a particular age group. It functions across the ages. It is about two people who keep bumping into each other over time and eventually fall in love.

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#9 Saathiya

saathiya long distance relationships

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Saathiya is another beautiful portrayal of long distance relationships, where important issues are dealt with logically.

#10 The Lunchbox

the lunch box long distance relationships

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The Lunchbox is a simplistic and realistic movie that displays how distance doesn’t matter when you have the intention to fall in love or sustain a friendship.

See, how distance doesn’t bother where there is an intention to love!

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