New researches show psychedelic “magic mushrooms” to have more than just the usual hallucinating power. Rather than leaving you laughing your guts out, these mushrooms are capable of helping a person suffering from depression, by rebooting all the activities going on in his brain.

A research carried out in Imperial College London, UK has made use of a psychoactive compound know as psilocybin, to treat some of the patients suffering from depression, where the conventional methods seemed to fail. This compound is present naturally in these magic mushrooms.

Magic Mushrooms: Treat depression
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The studies show an evident reduction in depression symptoms in patients who had been treated with psilocybin. This took place within few weeks after beginning the treatment.

The Scientific Journal has published the study showing benefits reported by the patients themselves, which have lasted for as long as five weeks post-treatment.

The researchers compared the images of a patient’s brain from one day prior to giving the drug as a treatment, to those of one day after the treatment began. It is astonishing to now that the analysis showed enormous differences in brain activity. These activities were an indication of a long-lasting and effective reduction of depression symptoms in the patient’s brain.

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According to the researchers, it might be possible for the psychedelic compound to efficiently reboot the key activity circuits in the brain, which are related to depression. Hence, this psychedelic compound, psilocybin is said to lubricate the mind.

Magic Mushrooms: Treat depression

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Robin Carhart-Harris, who is the head of the Psychedelic Research Department at The Imperial College, has led his team in this research, says that they were capable of showing the positive effects of psilocybin on the brain activities of the patients who could not show any improvement with the conventional treatment.

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Carhart-Harris added that many of his patients described their feelings using computer terminologies, for example, feeling “reset”, once the treatment was conducted. He exclaimed that one of the patients said he felt as if his brain had been “defragged” like a computer hard drive. Others felt “rebooted”.

Carhart-Harris also says that Psilocybin might have given these patients a temporary head-start so as to come out of their depression state of mind as the brain imaging tests support the “reset” theory. He added that the electroconvulsive therapy also shows similar effects on the brain.

The Results Show Certainty In Improvements

The individual under treatment agrees to the fact that their depression symptoms feel reduced.

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