Tattoo, a new name for Fashion, trend, and style. When it’s about fashion, how can a girl keep herself away from it? Girls are getting more passionate about getting inked these days. We totally understand that making a letter of your loved ones is too mainstream these days. Then what designs can make to look stylish? One liner, having a deep meaning which is surely going to grab attention on many people around you. So here are some amazing tattoo designs for girls and you will not be regretting sure ūüėČ

1. Fly Away

Someday I’ll fly away. I am a bird, I have no boundaries. One day I’ll break all the chains to get what I want. No one can stop me. What a beautiful line to express every girl’s dream.

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2. <3elieve

Believe in yourself. Have faith in your capability and take your weaknesses in your strike!

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3. Love Yourself

Because being self-obsessed is the best obsession ever. Isn’t it? Loving oneself is the most important thing. And trust me it is the solution for many problems.

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4. Hakuna-Matata 

Do you know what Hakuna-Matata means? Let me help you! It means that don’t worry! I am happy with what I have. I will not let worries spoil the fun of my life.


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5. I Refuse To Sink

No matter how hard the life would be, no matter what days you’ll face, remember you’re a fighter. No one can make you lose, except your own self.

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6. Sign

Are you inclined towards music? If yes, then this is perfect for you, my friend.

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7. Heart Beat

Are you in love? If yes, then express your love with this tattoo

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8. Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is a beautiful line. It means living in the moment and having no worries about your future.

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9. Love-Cross-Anchor

Love to your fullest, believe in God, and sail high! The best way to live life!

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10. Simple-Beautiful-stylish

What a classy tattoo! It’s different and definitely¬†in style!

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