Football has seen many glorious years under the reign of some of the legendary football players. Moreover, these players have rendered their heart and soul to the game, making the sport even more popular and renowned.

Let’s see some of the famous football players from history.

#1 Raul Gonzalez Blanco

blanzo football

He is a retired Spanish footballer who delivered the role of a striker. Raul has been designated as one of the most popular football players associated with Real Madrid. What distinguishes him from others is that he hasn’t received a red card in his entire career. Also, his goal celebration was marked by kissing his wedding ring in the memory of his wife, Mamen Sanz who he married in 1999.

#2 Carles Puyol

puyol football

Carles was addressed as the best defender of his generation and was associated with Spain. He gathered immense limelight for his long hair throughout his career. Although his coach rebuked him and asked him to get a haircut, his choice was adverse. He has bagged “Prince of Asturias Awards” and “Gold Medal of the Royal Order of the Sporting Merit”.

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#3 Dennis Bergkamp

dennis football

The former Dutch footballer has moved from position to position in the professional football team. This has been a strong advocate for his versatility in the game. Moreover, he was named as “Non-flying Dutchman” due to his fear of flying which developed as a consequence of an awful incident. Amongst the many awards that he has received, the one worth mentioning is the Ballon d’Or runner-up in 1993.

#4 Peter Schmeichel

Peter is primarily known for the captaincy he rendered to the Manchester United. His role in the football field was that of a goalkeeper. He has also been popularly voted as the IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper in the year 1992 and 1993.

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#5 Diego Maradona

Diego Armando Maradona was an Argentine footballer of high merits. Many of the football fans regard him as the greatest football player of all times. His goal “Hand of God” has millions of views online. Moreover, he has been jointly declared as the FIFA Player of the 20th Century along with Pele. He also got his hands on the Ballon d’Or for his service to football in the year 1996.

#6 Michel Platini

Le Roi (The King) or Platini is rightfully acclaimed as one of greatest football players of all times. He was a record goal scorer and held the record of the highest number of goals, that’s 9, in the European Championship till 2001. He was voted 3rd in the FIFA Player of the Century list. Furthermore, he has been honoured with the Ballon d’Or award for three times, in the year 1983, 1984 and 1985.

#7 Rivaldo

Rivaldo Vítor Borba Ferreira is a Brazilian former football player. He was equipped with various astonishing techniques of the game, mainly the bending free kicks and the overhead kicks. The year 1999 was particularly glorious for the player, wherein he received the Ballon d’Or award and the FIFA World Player of the Year. He has also tried his hands at acting and played a role in an Iranian film, ‘I am not Salvador’.

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#8 Oliver Kahn

Oliver Rolf Kahn is a former German football player. He was assigned the role of a goalkeeper for which he is widely acclaimed. Furthermore, he is acknowledged as the best football goalkeeper in history by many football critics. Also, his aggressive style fetched him nicknames like Vol-Kahn-o and Der Titan.

This certainly might have been a useful piece of information for all the football fans.


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