Is it your first day in college and you want to look cool? Do you want to have an impression on your seniors or the boy in your class whom you have a crush on? Well, don’t worry, you are on the right page. What is the first thing that attracts any boy towards a girl? (No dirty thoughts, please). I’ll help you. It’s not your clothes nor you smile but your bright beautiful eyes. Yes, my friend, you read it right! If you have dark circles or a smudged eyeliner then let me tell you, your impression has gone in the dust and from then on, he’ll probably look through you. Do you want that? If no, then have a look at these amazing and easy eyeliner tips that will make your eyes look pretty and bright.

#1 Cat Eye Tutorial!!

Isn’t it stunning? This is probably one of the easiest Eyeliner tutorials I have ever encountered. It’s simple yet classy!

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#2 Winged Eyeliner tutorial!!

Haven’t you heard the saying,” When in doubt, wing it out!” If you have not tried this wink eyeliner then you are missing out on great stuff!

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#3 Keep it Natural!

If you have never tried to put an eyeliner and now you are in a fix then don’t worry. Follow this amazing eyeliner tutorial and you’ll be good to go!

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#4 Double Winged Eyeliner!!

Are you a fan of winged eyeliner? If yes, then go try this one and you can thank me later!

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#5 Bold Teal Winged liner!!

Bold is beautiful, bold is sexy and bold is undoubtedly the most effective one!

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#6 Feline Flick Style!!

Well, let’s be honest! You cannot draw a perfect wing liner every day, so this flick style will definitely help you in the time of struggle.

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#7 Smoky Winged Style!

Smoke it out! Smoky eyeliner is the trendiest and the most effective liner you will ever see. It makes your eyes look bright and sexy!

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#8 Add A bit of Colour!

Well, pink is the new black! Isn’t it? If you are bored of putting the same black liner every day then try this! A little hint of color will make everything perfect.

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#9 Fishtail liner!!

Want to be more creative? Try this fishtail liner and just notice the head turns!

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#10 Glittering Eyes!!

Sparkle and glitter! What could possibly go wrong with these two? Try this out and enjoy the attention you get.

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