Fashion has been synonymous to Bollywood celebs. Since they are the most desirable people; everybody expects them to be uniquely presentable. But, what if the need to be different and to outshine others makes them wear something really bizarre which would create fashion blunders? Well, our favourite industry has shown a lot of such fashion blunders, where they have made public appearances in disastrous clothes. Let’s see who tops the chart of pathetic fashion sense.

#1 Jacqueline Fernandez

jacqueline fashion blunders

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Jacqueline has always proved her amazing fashion sense. But, what would you conclude after this picture? Is it a gown, saree, or something from a different planet?

#2 Kajol

Kajol fashion blunders

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Kajol has been flattering the audience with the recent up-gradation in her fashion sense. But, this dress isn’t fashionable at all. It doesn’t compliment her figure.

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#3 Kangana Ranaut

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The eccentric Bollywood girl has always killed it with her fashion sense, but what is up with this shiny fabric and oddly fitted clothes?

#4 Tanisha Mukherjee

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Here is another example of bizarre shiny fabric. This dress doesn’t do anything to lift her overall look.

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#5 Ekta Kapoor

Ekta fashion blunders

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Ekta Kapoor has never refrained herself from making fashion blunders. This is kind of her forte. Anyone could easily make curtains out of this dress.

#6 Lisa Haydon

Lisa fashion blunders

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The model turned actor is popularly known for her extraordinary fashion picks. But, what was in her mind while picking this dress?

#7 Katrina Kaif

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It’s not only her dress that’s looking strange, but also her heels and that bun. This fashion blunder accounts for some of the rarest events when Katrina has dressed absurdly.

#8 Malika Arora

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She definitely has the body to flaunt. But, this dress isn’t the best clothing to suit her glamorous personality.

#9 Sonakshi Sinha

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No one has any idea about what kind of dress it is and why did Sonakshi even bother to put it on. She needs some revision of the fashion lessons.

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Although actors might have stylists for their assistance, they haven’t done an efficient job in designing these clothing pieces either!

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