Fibre Rich Foods are Best option to reduce the risk of Cancer, Hypertension, Heart Diseases & Kidney Stones.

Benefits of Fibre Rich Foods are not hidden, but still, people are not consuming it or May be they are not aware of Fibre Food List. Before Telling You Guys, List of Fibre Rich Foods.You will get to know Why you should consume Fibre.


Fibre is something your body needs, but never digests it. There are two types of Fibres: Soluble & Insoluble.

Soluble Fibres helps in Slow Digestion & Hence, lowers the risk of High Cholesterol & Glucose whereas Insoluble Fibre speeds up intestinal transit & has no effect on Cholesterol.

If You Don’t Consume Fiber Foods in a required amount, it often leads to Constipation & Painful Bathroom. It is advised always to Never skip your daily dose of fibre.

But Ya Wait, Are you too thinking to consume as much fibre as You Can to Remain Healthy?

Well, I thought the same.But Excess of Anything is not Good. Right ?

The Same Way, If You consume Fibre Rich Foods in Excess, You will not be able to control your Blood Sugar, appetite & it can move food through the intestines too quickly which means you will get fewer Minerals from your food.

So, What is Correct Amount of Fibre Rich Foods You should Consume?

According to Institute of Medicine, Adults above 50 Require fewer Fibres, 21 Grams & 30 Grams for Women & Men Respectively. Adults Below 50 requires more Fibres, 25 Grams & 38 Grams for Women & Men Respectively.

I Hope this will help to Know if You are taking enough amount of Fibres or not.

Let’s Move to Our Main Topic i.e

List of Top 10 Fibre Rich Foods

  1. Avocados

    Avocados : Fibre FoodImage Source
    The Fibre Content in Avocados varies between its two types i.e Florida Avocados (Bright Green & Smooth skinned) and California avocados (smaller darker and dimpled). First one has more insoluble fibre than the Second. You can consume avocados in Your Diet. Total Fibre Per Cup in Avocados is 10.5 Grams.

  2. Coconut 

    Coconut : Fibre Rich Food

    Image Source People who consume Coconut in their diet, they have very few chances of having High Cholesterol & Any Heart Diseases. If You don’t want to consume it directly, You can use it others ways such as Coconut Flour, Grated Coconut or any other Coconut Products. Total Fibre Per Cup in Coconut is 7.2 Grams.

  3. Lentils

    Lentils : fibre Rich Foods

    Image Source
    Lentils are best for Pregnant Women because it contains Folate. People with Liver Diseases can also take advantage of this Fibre Food to cure themselves. Total Fibre Per Cup in Lentils is 10.4 Grams.

  4. Flax Seeds

    Flax SeedsImage Source
    Flax Seeds Benefits are Healthy Skin & Hair, Weight Loss, Lower Cholesterol, fight with breast, prostate, ovarian and colon cancer. You can Grind them & add Powder in Your soup or salads. Total Fibre Per Tablespoon in Flax Seeds is 3 Grams.

  5. Nuts

    Nuts: fibre rich foodsImage Source
    By consuming Nuts such as Almonds & Walnuts, You can Quickly increase Fibre in Your Body. Almonds are lower in calories and fats than walnuts, while higher in potassium and protein. Nuts are also good for Memory & Good Neurological Function. Total Fibre Per 6 Nuts is 0.6 Grams.

  6. Fruits

    Fruits : Fibre Rich FoodsImage Source
    Fruits are Best Food in terms of Fibres, Vitamins, Proteins.Do you even know fibre content in Apples per 100 Grams is more than 2 Grams? ( P. S: Don’t Forget An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away )

  7. Berries

    Berries: Fibre Rich FoodImage Source
    Berries are High in Vitamin K & boost Bone Density. Blackberries also support Healthy Skin & Blood Sugar Levels. Total Fibre Per 6 Cup in Blackberries is 8 Grams.

  8. Peas

    Peas: Fibre Rich FoodsImage Source
    Peas are packed with Antioxidants, Fibre & anti-inflammatory properties. You can Use Peas in Your Vegetables, Soup, Rice, Salads.Total Fibre Per Cooked Cup of Peas is 8.6 Grams.

  9. Okra

    Okra : Bhindi : Fibre Rich FoodsImage Source
    In India, It is also Known as Bhindi. Just one cup of Okra provides for nearly One-third of recommended daily fiber. It is also Good For Calcium & Taste Too. Total Fibre Per Cup of Okra is 8.2 Grams.

  10. Figs

    Figs : fibre Rich FoodsImage Source
    There are Two types of Figs: Dried & Fresh. They contain a balance between Insoluble & Soluble Fibres & Best for Lower Blood Pressure & macular degeneration. Total Fibre Per Cup of Figs is 14.6 Grams.

Other Fibre Foods are Asian Pears, Sprouts, Chia Seeds, etc.

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P.S  My Favorites are Apples, Okra, Nuts.


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