Food has the purpose of feeding the mouths of many across the world. With the need for mass production of food, the reason for adding preservatives has also increased. This has led to the contamination of the basic food items. There are a lot many banned food items across the world that has been restricted in certain areas for reasons other than adding preservatives.

Let’s check out these banned food items and the reason that led to the consequence.

#1 Kinder Joy banned in the US

kinder joy banned food

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Kinder Joy is a form of chocolate that has driven children crazy with its presence in the market. But, it’s actually banned in the US because the FDA doesn’t rely upon eatables that have plastic encased with them. And this particular edible comes with a plastic toy inside the actual packaging.

#2 Raw Milk banned in USA and Canada

raw milk banned food

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USA and Canada have banned food i.e. raw milk as well as other raw items from their shelves because they believe that raw materials may contain germs. These germs can essentially be Salmonella and Listeriosis.

#3 Samosa banned in Somalia

samosa banned food

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It’s banned because some Islamic leaders are ardent believers of the fact that the shape of the snack somehow promotes Christianity. Isn’t weird?

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#4 Ketchup banned in France

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French people have resorted to this brilliant idea for developing a sense of French cuisine in their children. They do not merely believe in filling the stomach of the children. And as ketchup was a serious threat to the knowledge of French cuisine, it was banned thereafter.

#5 Raw Almonds banned in California and USA

raw almonds banned food

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The USA basically promotes the idea of not eating anything that’s raw. In California, almonds can’t be consumed directly from the tree and have to be boiled and steamed beforehand.

#6 Chewing Gum banned in Singapore

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Singapore is a place of cleanliness and since chewing gum may serve as a threat to the same, it’s banned. Furthermore, it can be consumed if prescribed.

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#7 Vegetarian Meals banned in France

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French people believe that the protein that children derive is basically from the non-vegetarian sources. Pertaining to this, vegetarian meals are banned in school.

#8 Red Bull banned in France

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The ban from the drink has been removed now. But, the government was skeptical about the level of taurine in the preparation of the drink which has been made negligible now.

#9 Mountain Dew banned in Europe and Japan

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It’s banned in Europe and Japan because the chemicals used are found responsible for birth defects, schizophrenia and hearing loss.

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Do you still wish to stick to these food items and drinks?


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