Having a skin care regimen to maintain the youth of your skin is integral in today’s world. Where pollution and junk food can show their considerable effects on your Skin, there are certain staples that can help you get away with all the problems and render your skin with the required health and glow. Affordable Beauty Staples are a must for the health of the skin.

Where innumerable celebrities swear by expensive staples to take care of their skin, there are many who follow the path of affordable beauty staples and abide by the traditional methods to provide their skin with the requisite shine.

Let’s peep into the affordable beauty staple hacks of some of the celebrities.

#1 Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka's affordable beauty staples

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Instead of following an exhaustive skin care routine, PC lays the focus on the importance of healthy food for the beautiful skin. Her personal favourites include coconut water, lemon water and turmeric milk. Also, topping the chart of her favourites is bio-oil that she uses all over her body.

#2  Anushka Sharma

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Anushka is one of those blessed stars who have flawless skin. Acknowledging the gift of beautiful skin that she has, she believes in keeping her regime as simple as possible. For this, she drinks a lot of water, eats the right food, and wipes off her make up before she lands on the bed. Her Affordable Beauty Staples also includes a neem pack which is her Holy Grail products.

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#3 Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya's affordable beauty staples

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Regarded as the most beautiful woman worldwide, Mrs Rai gets her beauty from her kitchen essentials. Her exfoliating scrub is a mixture of gram flour, milk and turmeric. Once in a while, she also uses a cucumber face pack and yoghurt for moisturizing her skin really well. You can always find a sunscreen and a lip balm in her handbag.

#4 Katrina Kaif

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The definition of Affordable Beauty Staples for Katrina means beauty oil. She uses these oils on her face and hair. A leave-in product for her hair is a must after every wash. Healthy eating and regular exercising are her additional secrets.

#5 Lisa Haydon

Lisa's affordable beauty staples

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The secret for the shimmery and spotless skin of Lisa Haydon is her belief in the rule of “less is more”. The more products you use for your skin, the more irritation it experiences. So, Lisa relies on the basic few. Her favourite moisturizer is the one from La Roche-Posay. A Kiehl’s lip balm also accompanies her to every place.

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#6 Alia Bhatt

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Alia swears by the famous Multani Mitti face pack. She also uses ice cubes for closing the open pores and rendering her skin with utmost brightness. There are many affordable beauty staples that she uses, the most prominent being the Garnier Pre Active Neem+Tulsi high foaming face wash.

#7 Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena's affordable beauty staples

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The Begum of Bollywood owns a very radiant skin. For maintaining this radiance, she uses a Cetaphil moisturizer, which works well in every season. She also believes in the magic of sweet almond oil for the skin as well as hair.

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Affordable Beauty Staples tend to work for a variety of skin types, and also maintain the pocket-friendly rule.

Try these hacks that celebrities swear by to get all the way more glowing skin.


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